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So delicious! Fresh, well-packed, and full of healthy goodness! We eat this amazing fish as often as we can. Actually, we're almost out... time to re-order, before it's all snatched up!

—Magi C.


Wild Alaskan Fish

Sena Sea is proud to continue their mission of delivering wild Alaskan fish that is sustainable and never farmed. We believe that everyone who loves seafood as much as we do should get a taste of fish in its most natural condition: straight from Alaska’s diverse marine ecosystem, not a fish farm.

When you order wild Alaskan fish from Sena Sea, you are entrusting a committed third-generation fishing family to deliver quality seafood and natural fish products to your table. We offer individual orders on all of our seafood options, in addition to a subscription service that lets you receive your favorite fish fillets, spreads, and more as often as you would like.

We are your trustworthy Alaska fish delivery company online and stewards of the ocean. We are Sena Sea.