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What makes Copper River Salmon So Special?

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Copper River salmon are well known as the finest salmon in the world. 

Some people wonder if it's all media hype. Can one type of salmon from one single river really be better than all the other salmon in the world?

The answer is simple.

Yes, salmon from different areas are different, with some being clearly better than others. 

And yes, Copper River salmon is the best. 


I have eaten a lot of salmon in my lifetime, and I couldn't agree more.  

Copper River salmon is special for these three reasons:  

First Salmon

Wild fish is seasonal, just like fruits and vegetables. Wild salmon are caught only when returning back to the river they were born in, and depending on the location and species, this happens at a very particular time of year. Copper River salmon are the first wild commercially fished salmon to spawn in the spring. The fish from the very first Copper River opener are the most coveted salmon on the planet. 


Not all salmon are created equal. The Copper River is a long, cold, and powerful river in Alaska. This arduous upstream swim requires enormous exertion, and the salmon have to rely on huge reserves of built-up fat for fuel and insulation. This extra high Omega-3 fat content gives the salmon its rich, moist, and delicious flavor; as well as outstanding health benefits. 


Because Copper River fishermen know their fish are special and the very best, they treat them that way- with the respect they deserve. The Copper River fishery is slower-paced than other salmon fisheries. This gives fishermen more time to handle each fish properly and cool them quickly. Our small-boat fishermen understand and prioritize quality over quantity. 


Ok, now that you understand why Copper River salmon is best, the next question is: which species is the best for you?

copper river salmon

copper river king description

copper river sockeye

copper river coho



Eat wild to save wild, 

- Sena C Wheeler                                                


Sena holds degrees in nutrition and food science in addition to being a Mom, foodie, and third generation fisherman's wife.  Visit her at where she blogs about family, fish and food.  

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  • What is difference between Copper River salmon and Cedar River Salmon? Why would Cedar river be as good!

    Karen on
  • Couldn’t find copper river salmon at stores this year. I usually buy a years worth. I live in Colorado and this is a first! What gives? SS

    Scott stewart on
  • This was the best tasting salmon I’ve ever had. My wife loved it. Traditional flavor was so true to the smoked salmon of lox, yet more intense. The lemon dill was so perfectly done. Bright and balanced, as sometimes dill can be overpowering…you nailed it. Barbecue was just as we would have wanted it…smokey, spicey, and complex- must take hours of patient low temps and yet not dried out. You guys should be really proud of this culinary project. The salmon is fantastic! We wish you success! Tom and Nina, NY Adirondack Park, Saranac Lake

    Tom and Nina McBride on

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