Five Generations of Fisherman

Our History

For a multi-generational fishing family, sustainable fishing is essential to protect the wild stock for future generations.


Hans Jangaard | Sena’s great-grandfather

Hans Jangaard lived in Valderoy Norway, and learned to fish from his father. He was a progressive and pioneering fisherman, always among the first to adopt new fishing methods to help improve the life of a fisherman. (1872-1973)


Lars Jangaard | Sena’s Grandfather

Lars Jangaard, was born in Norway and immigrated to Ballard Washington in 1938. He owned and operated the f/v Cape Flattery and commercially fished mostly in Alaska for halibut. Known as a hard worker, but always with a smile and quick-witted joke. (1916-1983)


Art Hodgins | Sena's Dad

Art Hodgins started fishing when he married Lars’s daughter, Mary. After his first halibut trip, he swore he’d never fish again, but ended up owning and operating the f/v Alrita. He fished primarily for halibut and black cod in Alaska. On or off the boat, he’s always been known for working hard and playing hard.


Sena Wheeler | Sena Sea Founder

Sena aboard the Alrita. Sena fished with her dad on the f/v Alrita in the summers during high school and college. She learned the rotation on deck, as well as driving, setting, and navigating in the top house. She definitely enjoyed driving the boat over baiting hooks!


Rich Wheeler | Sena's Husband

Rich Wheeler broke into fishing with Sena’s dad on the f/v Alrita in the late 1990s. That is where he learned that “the lowest life on earth is the skipper daughter’s boyfriend”. Rich still longlines for halibut and black cod, and runs the Miss CamiLou for salmon in Alaska. His favorite thing is when the family comes out fishing with him.


Wheeler Kids | Sena's Family

All three Wheeler kids fish on the Miss CamiLou every summer with dad. Everyone has a job on the boat. It’s a tight space for a family of five, but that’s how the best memories are made.


Hugh Wheeler | Sena's Son

Hugh Wheeler has been salmon fishing with his dad since he was about 8 yrs old. Here, he is learning how to longline for halibut on the f/v Genevieve Rose. Hugh laughs and jokes around on the boat so much he hardly notices he’s working hard. 

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