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Sena Sea Seafoods

Wild Alaska seafood is accepted as a "best choice" for an environmentally concerned consumer. SenaSea Seafoods is always harvested via environmentally sound and sustainable methods so our customers know they are making an ethical seafood choice.



Rich and Sena Wheeler
PO Box 256, Ardenvoir, WA 98811


Phone: (206) 486-2344  /  Email:



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The Copper River Salmon and Black Cod are the best we have ever had! We will be returning customers for sure!

—Richard and Claudia Campbell

Well we know we are getting good fish from people we can trust. I am very selective on my seafood. Thank You!

—Rox Badda Snow

I LOVE to fish, and know what fresh fish and/or well taken care of fish tastes like. The fish we had was excellent and I cooked it the way I always cook my fish that I catch hours earlier. I am glad you guys do what you do.

—Briand, Ashley and Mateo

Sena, customer service is often a thing of the past but your family knows how to keep customers coming back. Thank you so much.