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The Story of Our Copper River Blueberry Gravlox

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Wild Copper River Coho Blueberry Gravlox is our newest specialty item, perfect for the holidays.

For us, the fish is always special, but in this case so is the process and the people making it. Our blueberry gravlox is made by a real Alaska family; our partner John Wiese and his mom, Diane!

Diane Wiese with son John Derek, and granddaughter Genevieve

John caught the wild Alaskan Copper River Coho aboard the f/v Genevieve Rose. Diane is a renowned cook and recipe developer in Alaska. She has been harvesting wild blueberries and fine-tuning her personal recipe for blueberry gravlox for years.

This year was her chance to take a local favorite to the next level. Working with 60 North Seafoods, our custom processing plant in Cordova, she created 60 North's first ready-to-eat product. 

Gravlox (or Gravlax) is a traditional Scandinavian process for cured salmon, which roughly translates to "buried salmon". The finished texture is similar to lox, but unlike the lox that we eat on bagels, gravlax is salt-cured, not cold-smoked.


The skinless fillets of Copper River Coho salmon are layered with a brine mixture of salt, sugar and blueberry. They brine for multiple days during which Diane is tenderly turning them over, and checking for firmness. 

The finished product has a striking purple exterior (because of the blueberries) that contrasts beautifully with the natural bright red interior of Copper River salmon. The texture is smooth like lox, with an intense salty salmon flavor lightly accented by mellow blueberry. 

Served on a cheese and cracker platter, this blueberry gravlax will steal the show, and be a memorable taste sensation for your guests and loved-ones. 

We're thrilled to share this very limited special treat with you and yours this holiday season!  



Blueberry Gravlax by Diane Wiese. Diane is a long time Alaskan resident in Cordova. Her recipes are a beautiful tribute to Alaska, showcasing the local flora and fauna she has foraged herself. She leads product innovation at Sixty North Seafoods, and does recipe development for the Copper River Marketing Association. For more inspiration, find her on instagram @copper_river_coastal.




- Sena C Wheeler                                                

Sena holds degrees in nutrition and food science in addition to being a Mom, foodie, and third generation fisherman's wife.  Visit her at where she blogs about family, fish and food.  

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