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We invited Richard Wheeler to be a guest on the Manlihood ManCast because his career is a very manly one. Fishing on the open sea, responsibly harvesting salmon and cod from the cold Alaskan waters is a manly endeavor. Richard Wheeler talks about taking his young kids on the fishing boat, and what it means to truly have a family business.

Rich Wheeler has been an Alaska fisherman for over 20 years. He longlines in the spring and fall and runs a small gillnet boat out of Cordova, AK in the summer. Rich brings his family out on the boat as often as possible and strives to pass on the tradition of sustainable and respectful fishing. 

Rich does much of the fishing for Sena Sea, and we also source from fellow fishermen who share our high-quality standards, and commitment to sustainability. 

The Wheelers are a 5th generation fishing family in Alaska. Richard and his wife Sena own the fishing company  Sena Sea

Rich has fished for more than 25 years,and his experiences on the Alaskan waters as a fisherman and conservationist make for an interesting discussion.

Raising Kids on the Boat

Richard Wheeler talks about taking his young kids on the fishing boat, and what it means to truly have a family business. 

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