Are You Eating Enough Fish? (Don't Worry, We Can Help With That)

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If you've been following us very long, or if you keep up with the American Heart Association's nutrition guidelines, you already know that fatty fish should be on the menu twice per week.  But you may have a hard time making that happen.  

The reasons people don't eat enough fish run the gamut.  We've heard everything from no time to shop for good fish, to worry that you won't prepare it correctly.  

But by far the biggest issue we hear is uncertainty about the fish itself. 

We hear you.  We understand that you want to make the right choice, and that you have enough to worry about without wondering if the fish in front of you at the supermarket is farmed, mislabeled, mishandled, or over-caught. 

You don't want your dollars to support unsustainable practices, and you don't have time for mystery fish, so you end up passing on fish altogether.  Then you wonder how you'll get those heart healthy Omega-3s into your family's diet.  

As a mom to kids with food sensitivities, I know how awful it feels to stand in the supermarket worrying that you're making the wrong choice.  You shouldn't have to feel that way!

There are fishermen and retailers out there handling fish the right way, and some of their products do end up at the grocery store.  But with mislabeling so rampant, you may never know which is which, unless you find a way to be absolutely sure where your fish is coming from.  

The best way to do that is to get it direct from the fisherman.  

At Sena Sea we only sell wild Alaskan fish we catch and handle ourselves. 

From the boat to your table, you can rest easy in the knowledge that every fish was caught sustainably, handled with care at our custom facility, and delivered to your farmer's market, or doorstep with no middle man involved.  And we back it all with our Satisfaction Guarantee.  

Not only have you found your source for healthy and sustainable wild Alaskan fish, but you are supporting a sustainable fishery, a fishing community and a small family-run business.  

Download our FREE cookbook to receive a promo code for 10% off your first order. 

Then Click Here to browse our selection, choose your ship date, and set your delivery preferences. 

Your fish arrives on your doorstep frozen and packed with recipe cards to help you enjoy your purchase with confidence.  

You've made the right choice!

- Sena C Wheeler                                                

Sena holds degrees in nutrition and food science in addition to being a Mom, foodie, and third generation fisherman's wife.  Visit her at where she blogs about family, fish and food.  

If you haven't yet, join the community and receive our FREE cookbook! With instant access to our family recipes and tips you can cook excellent fish with confidence. Plus you'll receive 10% off your first purchase!

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