Crispy Skin Salmon

Crispy Skin Salmon

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crispy skin salmon

Crispy Skin Salmon

This recipe is easy for a weeknight night meal, but the results are resturant-quality outstanding. So simple, it's perfect for high quality Copper River King or Sockeye.



  • 1 Copper River salmon portion, skin on (king or sockeye)
  • Olive oil
  • salt/pepper 
  • 1 lemon



    1. Pat both sides dry with a paper towel. Crispy skin requires dry skin so be sure to get it completely dry. You can put it in the fridge skin side up for about an hour to dry it out even more.

    2. Just before cooking, drizzle the fish with a small amount of olive oil on both sides, rub with your fingers to spread evenly and sprinkle with salt and pepper. 

    3. Heat olive oil in pan on medium-high. Use plenty of oil so the base of the pan is fully covered.
    4. Once the oil is hot, place the salmon in the pan skin side down, and turn down to medium heat. Press down on the salmon with a spatula to so all the skin is touching and flat.

    5. Flip the salmon once it's cooked about 3/4 of the way through. You can see the flesh turn from opaque to translucent. Sockeye is thinner, so you will probably turn it at about 3-5 minutes. King is thicker, so you will probably turn it at about 6-8 minutes.
    6. Cook on the flesh side for about 1-3 minutes longer. Total cooking time depends on your taste and thickness of the salmon. As long as the salmon has been previously frozen to proper temps, salmon can be eaten raw and is often enjoyed medium rare or slightly translucent in the center.
    7. Squeeze fresh lemon on the flesh side and serve with the skin up so it stays crispy.
    8. Enjoy!


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    • Looks delicious, I like how you treat them. With Respect 🙏

      Margaret on
    • Looks delicious, I like how you treat them. With Respect 🙏

      Margaret Guilliatt on

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