Seven Fishes Feast

Christmas Eve Seven Fishes Feast

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feast of seven fishes

Christmas Eve Seven Fishes Feast


It fills me with so much pride to see our seafood showcased so spectacularly and honored in such an important family and cultural tradition. The Feast of the Seven Fishes is an Italian Christmas Eve tradition of preparing a seven-course seafood meal.

The ancient tradition of eating fish on Christmas Eve dates from the Roman Catholic custom of abstinence from meat and dairy products on the eve of certain holidays, including Christmas, as well as a way to celebrate the sea, a major connection in Italy. The number seven is religiously symbolic, hence seven courses!

Danielas Dish:

2021 Seven Fishes Feast. It is our Italian tradition to host the seven fishes feast on Christmas Eve and this year we are partnering with Senasea Seafoods to bring you our full 2021 menu. The spread is decadent, the fish is extremely fresh, and every aspect of the menu is super festive. Once again this year we used all sustainable fish and shellfish which was provided by Senasea. The owners at Senasea come from a long line of family fishermen that are dedicated to bringing you the freshest Alaskan seafood. Thank you so much Senasea Seafoods for sponsoring our menu this year !! We hope you guys love it as much as we do and be sure to check out Senasea Seafoods to get your own seafood in time for the holidays !!

It is no secret that our family has some deep rooted Italian holiday traditions. The seven fishes feast on Christmas Eve is no exception! While we tweak the menu a bit every year, we are super excited to share this one with you guys.

We have pulled in the Italian classics for a seven fishes feast and paired them with modern dishes that everyone will love. The wine selection includes both red and white, each chosen to pair with the fish dishes. And of course, a festive cocktail is necessary to kick off the evening. Finally the dessert, because every holiday gathering needs something sweet to end the night.

So get ready to celebrate Christmas Eve with our 2021 Seven Fishes Feast Menu. And if you give any of our dishes a try be sure to let us know !!

feast of seven fishes



I am all about appetizers when it comes to the seven fishes. We always have the classics like crab, shrimp, and lobster cocktail. But we also like to get creative with things and add something special every year.

smoked sablefish

king crab legs



There are endless possibilities when it comes to the feast of the seven fishes. There’s seven dishes which means there’s seven ways you can make this dinner extremely fun and unique. There has got to be something for everyone in the line up.

We always include a good pasta dish. It's usually fancy and decadent. In addition to pasta, we do a Baccala salad which is an Italian tradition. And then of course we pick some extras like a festive salmon or a light halibut or a crispy fried cod. Whatever we end up choosing…there is always something for everyone.


shrimp scampi



fried cod


The seven fishes main dishes steal the show when it comes to this feast. But how could we not have sides?! We have some Italian classics for sides because after all this is an Italian tradition.


And finally…is it really Christmas Eve without dessert?! I don’t think so. Christmas Eve especially without cookies is not even really Christmas Eve…am I right? You have to have cookies like Santa !!



Make a List & Start Early

We are big on making lists and starting ahead of schedule. Anything that you can buy ahead of time definitely do! If there’s fish you can freeze, get it early. There’s nothing worse than getting to the grocery store last minute, on or right before Christmas Eve and having it packed with holiday shoppers. So, lists and early shopping is essential!

Utilize Christmas Eve Eve for Cooking

Start prepping the Seven Fishes Feast on Christmas Eve Eve. That way you won’t be doing all the work on Christmas Eve itself. Make the sauce for your pasta of choice. Soak the salt cod well in advance so you can prep the Baccala Salad. Start baking the desserts and the dinner rolls. The more you can get done the day before the better. That way you can enjoy Christmas Eve!

Stock the Bar

Christmas Eve is all about the seven fishes, but cocktails are essential. Stock up on the liquor, wines, and beers. These are things you can buy well in advance, so get them early! Have some staple cocktails on the menu that are easy to make. Or make big batch cocktail pitchers so you don’t have to keep refilling and making drinks.

Buy Sustainable

Seven Fishes Feast, but Make it Sustainable!! Purchasing products that feature the MSC blue fish label products ensures trustworthy seafood, and well you can’t go wrong with that!

Whether you spend the holiday cooking, relaxing with a drink, or appreciating some time off don’t forget to enjoy the Christmas season! After all, Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year. So take some time with family and friends to enjoy yourself. And if you’re all about making lots of food as a way to celebrate, we really hope you enjoy our menu! Merry Christmas guys!! The season is well-deserved for all of you!



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