Which Cod is not a Cod at all?

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Sometimes I get questions about the differences between the types of cod and I thought it was some good info to share. 
Pacific Cod
Pacific Cod, also called Alaska Cod, True Cod, Grey Cod and Codfish is caught in the Pacific Ocean.
Pacific Cod is very abundant in Alaska and often used as a replacement for Atlantic Cod which has become rare. It is a true cod that is very versatile in the kitchen and commonly used for fish and chips, it has a mild flavor and flaky texture.

                  Pacific Cod                                        Cod Puttanesca Recipe


Lingcod is not a true cod, it actually got it's name because the fish itself resembles cod and ling fish.
Lingcod is just as versatile as Pacific Cod, but it's a little higher in fat and therefore I find it to be a bit more flavorful. Lingcod cooks like Cod and can be used in the same recipes.
                      Lingcod                                   Lingcod with Pesto Recipe
Black Cod
Black Cod is also a misleading name as it's not a cod at all. All the fishermen I have ever known have called it Black Cod, but it is required to be labeled as Sablefish when it's sold.
Black Cod is also called Butterfish sometimes and I can see why- the texture is so silky and buttery due to the extremely high fat content. While Cod is a general white fish that works in a wide variety of recipes, Black Cod is a gourmet fish that is best with specialized recipes meant to showcase its rich flavor and texture (and it tends to cook longer and hotter than actual cod).
                                              Sablefish (Black Cod)                               

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