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We love hearing from our customers!  Here's what folks are saying about us.  


Thank you, Sena! 

The fish you are sending is magnificent, and we can't wait to see what is available as the fishing season gets underway!  Thank you for providing us with a true piece of the Pacific Northwest!

Brandon R. 


Great Quality!! 

We've loved purchasing fish from Sena Sea - it's amazing quality, fast shipping, and lovely customer service.  Will continue to buy from them.  

Rebecca S.


Absolutely delish!!

Beautiful filets, true natural resource, increadible family...  Worth every penny!  

Jada B. 


Excellent Seafood! 

Excellent seafood, wonderful customer service experience!  We have found our source.  Couldn't be more pleased!  

Ann H.  


Great Family Owned Business

I purchased this gift card for a birthday present.  I had a few questions and co owner Sena Wheeler took the time to help me understand the difference between the salmon they sell. I also recieved a free digital seafood cookbook.  I highly recommend this company to purchase seafood for delivery.  

Sandra K.  


I Am In Love!

So I am not lying when I say I love this salmon.  I try to eat fish but I cannot handle the fishy smell.  Usually I end up cooking the fish but then not eating it because of how it smelled while prepping it.  I opened up the three portions for my dinner for the week, and held my breath to avoid the smell.  It didn't take me long to realize there was no fishy smell.  I was able to cook and eat the fish without a problem.  It tastes so clean and fresh - it's amazing.  Again, I am in love with this fish and company.  Thank you!!  

Erica W.  


The Best!

As always the salmon and halibut seem like they were just caught.  I cook the fish before it is completely thawed (or even start with a frozen piece) to keep the juices in and it is always moist and tasty (don't over cook!).  Super healthy and I know the fish were caught sustainably and responsibly. 

Amy H. 


Copper River Coho Salmon  

I am amazed at the difference between what I have been getting at my local grocery store all these years, and your salmon! Yours is like a delicacy.  We poached our first coho salmon the other night and it was so delicate and tasted wonderful. A little white wine and fresh dill was all we used. 

Cathy P.  


Fish Arrived on Time and Frozen Solid.

I am still very timid about learning to cook salmon but I intend to buy as much copper river that will fit in my freezer during this year's season. Package arrived on time and frozen solid even in our Florida heat.

Jacqueline S. 


 Great products

The salmon was very fresh. It arrived completely frozen, and stayed that way for hours once delivered. The smoked salmon was absolutely delicious.

Josephine H.


Best Salmon I've Ever Had 

I am so happy with my Copper River King Salmon. The portions are big and it actually serves at least 2 meals for me. It's very tasty, easy to cook (no need to add too many spices). It's excellent value for anyone who wants to improve their diet. The shipping and delivery was perfect. The salmon arrived in very good condition and was protected with dry ice and good packaging. I highly recommend Sena Sea's Copper River King Salmon,

Maria G.  

Amazing moisture, freshness and flavor. 

I just ate the first piece of the smoked sockeye you sent to us and I think I know what heaven on earth is!

Doug H. 


Five Stars!!

Amazing quality salmon and very nice cuts.

Damon D. 


Salmon Chop

All of the salmon I've purchased from you has been wonderful. Everything is so fresh and the Salmon Chop was great. I made salmon burgers with it and everyone loved them!!

Sally A.  



Eat Wild to Save Wild!

-Sena C Wheeler

Sena holds degrees in nutrition and food science in addition to being a Mom, foodie, and third generation fisherman's wife.  Visit her at SenaSea.com where she blogs about family, fish and food.  

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  • The very minute I received my stimulus check I ordered fish from Sena. I donated half to different causes… food banks mostly. I spent a quarter on the wonderful fish I get year round from Sena. You give me food security in a time when it’s difficult to get good food. Your fish is devine, magnificent, tasty and fresh.

    Helen Treleaven on
  • I love all the fish I get from Senasea. Always fresh and delicious. I frequently use the salmon in raw applications. Tasty and fresh!! I stocked up on smoked salmon jars around the holidays. Not only have I enjoyed them tremendously I also shared with friends at Christmas time. They were all thrilled. My newest love are the black cod smoked bellies!!! Flakey, tender, cook quickly and high in that wonderful good for you fat!!! Lightly smoked, not over powering, and not the least bit salty. Thanks so much!!!

    Helen Treleaven on

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