Wild Alaskan smoked salmon jar

5 Reasons why a smoked salmon jar is the perfect gift

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Wild Alaskan smoked salmon jar

5 Reasons why a smoked salmon jar is the perfect gift 

#5 Its sustainable

You already know that when you source fish from Sena Sea you are supporting an independent small fishing business but did you know that all the salmon we offer is also certified sustainable? Wild Alaskan Copper River and Prince William Sound Salmon comes from one of the healthiest and most responsibly managed fisheries in the world! Don’t just take our word for it— the Marine Sustainability Council, the world’s most recognized seafood certifier, has certified our fish as a best choice. 

Sustainable sourced salmon means that we can enjoy this resource for many years to come and you can feel good about the gift you’re giving not only to your loved one but to the planet as well. 

Eat Wild to Save Wild!

Sustainable wild caught alaskan copper river salmon

#4 Its healthy

Have a health conscious friend on your gift list this year? The American Heart Association suggests that adults consume 2-3 servings of oily fish such as salmon each week to reduce the risk of stroke and improve overall health. While we know that eating wild fish is good for us, it can sometimes be difficult to conveniently prepare and ship frozen fish for all occasions. Fortunately, these smoked salmon jars are shelf stable and can even be saved in the fridge for later once opened meaning that a healthy snack is easily within reach!

Full of Omega-3s and packed with protein these jars are also the perfect gift for anyone interested in improving their personal fitness or diet. 

Eating Fish Twice a Week


Healthy wild alaskan smoked salmon


#3 Its reusable 

These glass jars are not only beautiful in presentation but waste-free as well. The thick glass is reusable and recyclable! The glass packaging also means that the jar can be resealed for leftovers and that there are no sharp metal edges after opening. We’ve gone one step further with our plastic-free packaging and offer a 2 jar gift box as well as a set of three smoked salmon jars in a cedar gift box, hand-made and stamped by Rich himself!

The box allows the jars to be easily wrapped as a gift or simply add a bow and let the contrast of deep red smoked salmon and soft cedar speak for itself. 

Handcrafting our Cedar Boxes

wild alaskan copper river smoked salmon jar cedar box gift set


#2 Its unique 

We all have someone on our list who is difficult to shop for! Maybe they are the person “who has everything” or perhaps you’ve drawn a secret santa name of someone who you don’t know very well yet. Never to fear these smoked salmon jars will make an excellent and interesting gift for anyone! What makes our jars unique is not only the eye-catching packaging and quality of the salmon but the story behind the fish as well. 

This gift began its journey in the glacially fed waters of Alaska and was hand harvested with care. Each jar is imbued with our family passion and with a great tradition that makes it an interesting gift for anyone who enjoys intentional living and good food.

A Rich Fishing History 

Rich Wheeler commercial fisherman for over 20 years

#1 Its delicious 

Of course the #1 reason why our smoked salmon jars make the perfect gift is simply because they are delicious! The taste of wild Alaskan salmon shines through in all of our available flavor profiles with a mild alder smoke complimented by the natural oils of the fish.

A jar of smoked salmon is an enjoyable snack by itself but it can also be enjoyed on crackers or toast as an appetizer, in a dip or as a spread. This smoked fish isn’t limited to appetizers and lends itself to a variety of recipes. Check out our recipe page for for inspiration on how to use this delectable salmon! 

Creamy Smoked Salmon Pappardelle

Creamy Smoked Salmon Pappardelle


Shop Smoked Salmon Jars

shop now, smoked salmon jar, copper river sockeye


Eat Wild to Save Wild!

-Sena C Wheeler

Sena holds degrees in nutrition and food science in addition to being a Mom, foodie, and third generation fisherman's wife.  Visit her at SenaSea.com where she blogs about family, fish and food.  

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  • I bought a case near the holidays. I passed out as great gifts and I have been enjoying it tremendously. I’m making sashimi with ponzu tonight ( with senasea fresh salmon.

    Helen on

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