We ship UPS overnight and carefully pack every box to arrive frozen solid. We use sustainable green cell foam to insulate our frozen boxes instead of styrofoam. A combination of dry ice and gel packs are used to keep fish frozen solid during transit.

We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays only, so the fish is never held up over the weekend and send a tracking email on the day it ships. We pack carefully and do everything within our control to make sure every box arrives frozen and in perfect condition every time.
Sometimes boxes are delivered late by UPS, which is out of our control. UPS's policy sometimes reimburses the shipping cost but does not cover the cost of the ruined product, even if it was clearly their fault. Therefore, we offer extra ShipAid insurance that was created for perishable shipping that covers free replacement in case the box is late, damaged, or defrosts for any reason. This is added insurance for your own piece of mind during transit and is entirely optional. ShipAid insurance is negated if the customer requests the delivery to be rescheduled by UPS once in transit. 
You can add a note to your order with preferred week of shipment for gifts, special events, or to avoid a time when you will not be home. 
Smoked salmon jars are shipped separately from frozen products because the glass could break due to the very low freezing temperature of dry ice. Jars and other non-perishable items, like smoked salmon pouches are shipped via USPS in padded envelopes or flat rate boxes depending on the size of the order. Typical transit time is 3-4 days. 
Our offer of free overnight shipping for orders over $150 only refers to frozen products. Our non-perishable items include free shipping with a typical transit time of 3-4 days.