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Why Eat Wild?

Posted by Sena Wheeler on

You already know it's important to eat wild fish, or you probably wouldn't have found Sena Sea.

Here are four reasons why I think people should eat wild Alaskan fish. Leave a comment and let me know what you think - I would love to hear your opinion!

1. It's The Best
Wild Alaskan fish is the gold standard for premium seafood quality, taste, and texture around the world. 

2. For Your Health
Wild fish is one of the best sources of Omega-3's and clean protein. It's also high in B vitamins, potassium, and antioxidants. Wild fish with high Omega-3's can reduce the risk of heart disease, fight inflammation, protect brain health, and even maintain weight control. 

3. For The Salmon
The Alaskan fishing industry is focused on sustainability. We fish in a way that provides for generations to come. We don't fish until the run has reached target spawning numbers. At this point, commercial fishing has become such a part of the ecosystem, that the Copper River would foul (turn too acidic and ruin the conditions for young fry) if all the returning fish were left to spawn. Conversely, fish farming, which is thankfully not allowed in Alaska, fouls the rivers and threatens the wild stock. 

4. For The Planet
By purchasing and eating wild salmon, you are giving value to the salmon. When we all value the salmon, we protect the streams and rivers for their return. When you choose to eat wild salmon, you are supporting the rivers and ecosystem that support the salmon.


Not sure about the best wild fish choice? Let us handle it for you with our seasonal variety box...

We send you a different variety of available species every month (or frequency of your choice). And here's the best part- as soon as new season Copper River Sockeye or Coho are available we put them right into the seasonal box!

Easy peasy, you get the best wild Alaskan fish throughout year without having to worry about it.

Seasonal Variety Box

Let us provide you with premium wild Alaskan salmon and white fish as the season and availability permits. 

Available for a one-time purchase, and highly recommended for our recurring subscription service.

subscribe and save for recurring shipments of your favorite fish
  • Savings - 10% savings on every order, not just the first one.
  • Convenience - no need to remember to re-order.
  • Customizable - you choose the size and frequency (every 1, 2, or 3 months)
  • Flexibility - receive a reminder email so you can make changes before it ships
  • Priority- receive fish all winter long, even when stocks are low
  • Healthy Habits - you will eat more fish when it's always available
  • Cancel anytime - cancel or skip anytime, no catch
  • 100% guarantee - we will replace any box that arrives defrosted for any reason.


Eat wild to save wild!

     - Sena

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