Introducing Marinated Ginger Sablefish (Black Cod)

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It starts waaaaay back a couple of generations ago.

If you haven't read about how my dad ended up taking over the Alrita because he suggested to my great uncle Otto they fish for black cod (instead of just halibut), check it out here.

Back in the 80's when my dad was running the Alrita and fishing for black cod, we didn't eat much of it. 

It almost all went to Japan and frankly, we just didn't know how to cook it. No one did.

Then one day, my parents went to a local art auction and the chef served up the most exquisite fish they had ever tasted. 

After discovering it was indeed black cod, my dad introduced himself to the chef. The esteemed Japanese chef took time to demonstrate exactly how he had prepared the rich, silky black cod (or sablefish).

Dad brought the recipe home and over time, ginger black cod has become the comfort food of our family.

I make it every time we have family over, and for most of our friends, too. We've taken great pride in serving it at our family's biggest events like our wedding, and my parent's 50th anniversary.

It's not just our family that loves this recipe though...

In the '90s my dad also introduced it to a high-end Alaskan restaurant where it was featured as ‘black cod Alrita’.

This was in Seward, AK where the Alrita sold most of their fish at the time, so you could dine on black cod Alrita and look out the window at the proud Alrita docked in the harbor. 

One of our missions for Sena Sea has been to introduce more Americans to black cod because we believe it is the most unknown, yet fantastic fish around.

We are hoping our family recipe can inspire more people to try it and realize how delicious it can be. 

In an effort to remove all barriers, we have put the marinade right in the bag with the fish. That's right, you just defrost and bake it. It's so simple, yet you will swear a chef snuck into your house and cooked it for you!

Introducing our newest product - Marinated Ginger Sablefish (Black Cod)!

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