Time Management and Delegation Tips for Busy Moms

Posted by Sena Wheeler on

Time management and delegation are crucial skills for busy moms who juggle multiple responsibilities. With effective time management and delegation, you can find more balance and make the most of your precious time with your family!

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Melissa Leon of The Efficiency Bitch Podcast! 

In this episode, I spill the beans on how I manage both household and business tasks. We discuss the power of efficiency as a working Mom and I share some strategies on how you can eliminate, automate, and delegate tasks in your working life and at home!

I also talk about some game-changing tips for easier dinner prep too!  Cooking in larger quantities and utilizing online grocery shopping? Brilliant ways to make mealtime a breeze! 

So, if you’re a busy mom juggling everything under the sun, this episode is a must-listen!

Click here to listen!

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