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Sena and Rich Wheeler’s family has a rich fishing history. Sena’s side of the family are fishermen and Sena is a proud 3rd generation fisherman, who together with Rich is passing on tricks of the trade to their children. Sena and Rich of Sena Sea have been featured on various podcasts, where they share their passion for wild Alaskan seafood, ocean sustainability, recipes and the fishing lifestyle. Here are snippets of some of their favorite interviews.


hot stove society radio show








Meatballs, bread and butter pickle sandwich…oh my, what a mouthful! Join award winning Chefs, Tom Douglas and Chef Thierry Rautureau, as they interview Sena and Rich. In today’s interview, they share how  they flash freeze Copper River Salmon from Alaska right to your front door.  Curious? https://bit.ly/34Fwg7b


the 425 show







When you buy fish at the grocery store, you are never certain if it has been sustainably caught or even how fresh it is. Sena Sea has a full fish line as well as salmon gift sets to choose from. If you enjoy quick and easy fish cooking, listen to The 425 show with Nicole Mangina for more details.


kitchen counter podcast
Fish is delicious if it is cooked well. Would you like to get the best tips for cooking salmon, black cod, and halibut? Sit down, relax and learn from Rich and Sena Wheeler on the Kitchen Counter podcast. They also share more details about their fish subscription services. Who knew? 
seattle foodie podcast
If you are a lover of fish, what would you give to have the fish delivered straight to your door? We are talking about wild Alaskan Salmon, Black Cod, King, Copper River Sockeye Salmon among other premium fish shipped across the nation. Listen in to this conversation on the Seattle Foodie podcast. 
couple co podcast
A car ride, a business model and the rest is history.  Sena and Rich Wheeler came up with a unique business model to have more leverage, a better life, and bigger money by doing what they love. Listen to their interview on CoupleCo.
bio hacker babes podcast
Sena Wheeler of Sena Sea joins the Biohacker Babes to discuss sustainable fishing and how we can support our health and the health of our planet with wild fish.
health investment podcast
On this episode of The Health Investment Podcast, Sena shares key differences between wild and farmed fish, what to look for and ask about when buying/ordering fish, which fish has the highest omega-3 content…and more!
turning chickens and breaking dishes podcast
Join Sena and Rich Wheeler in their conversation with  Davide G Martines on Turning Chickens and Breaking Dishes, where they share what makes Copper River Salmon so unique.
recipes for your best life
Sena talks with Mareya Ibrahim on the Recipes For Your Best Life Podcast about the debate between farmed and fresh fish, how Omega fat content influences flavor  and shares her favorite recipes.
Explore Washington State podcast
On the Explore Washington State Podcast, you’ll hear about the fishing tradition in Sena’s family. From her grandfather's arrival in Ballard from Norway in the 30’s to the present day business of Sena Sea.
On the Eat Drink and Be Merry Radio, Sena Wheeler shares about her fishing family,commitment to ocean stewardship and one of family’s favorite recipes, Soy Sauce and Ginger Black Cod.
Dinner Sisters

What can be more fun than sisters coming together to chat, laugh and make delicious food? Join The Dinner Sisters, Kate and Betsy as they chat with Sena about her family business, how to thaw fish and of course, favorite recipes!

Forking around town

What can be more fun than sisters coming together to chat, laugh and make delicious food? Join The Dinner Sisters, Kate and Betsy as they chat with Sena about her family business, how to thaw fish, and of course, favorite recipes!

keto carole

What are the best kinds of seafood to eat on keto? Keto Carole chats with Sena Wheeler, of the family-owned wild Alaskan fish seafood delivery company, Sena Seafoods about the health benefits of never-farmed seafood, sustainability, their multi-generational fishing history.

Tommy Outdoors

Sena and Rich join Tommy’s Outdoors to discuss commercial fishing practices, fisheries management, and the life of fishermen in Alaska. For those passionate about fishing, make sure to listen to the segment where they discuss handling fish and how to ensure the fish you catch is of the highest quality and taste possible. 


Chefs without resturants

On the show, it's all about seafood. We talk fresh vs frozen, and wild vs farmed. Sena explains the best way to properly thaw fish, and we discuss brining. You'll pick up some cooking tips, and learn about all the different types of salmon. Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast


The Connected Table

Meet Sena and Richard Wheeler, a 3rd generation fishing family in Alaska and owners of Sena Sea (www.senasea.com). Sena's Norwegian grandfather emigrated to the U.S. and became a commercial fisherman in 1938. Husband, Rich, has fished for more than 25 years. They discuss Alaska's fishing industry and what many consider the "Wagyu of Seafood"- Copper River Salmon -prized for its succulent flavor, buttery texture and deep red-orange color due to a high content of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The Connected Table


Grill This! podcast

In this Episode of Grill This!, Wild Alaskan Fish is on the menu! Jim and Matt speak with the founder of Sena Sea Foods, Sena Wheeler. Sena operates outside of Seattle Washington and has a masters degree in Nutrition and Food Science Her company, Sena Sea Seafoods ships fresh, never-farmed fish straight from the waters of Alaska all across the country. Jim opens up a sample package and uses one of the recipes found on her website, senasea.com, to prepare some Potato Crusted Salmon in a Beurre Blanc sauce! Of course, Matt brings some amazing craft beers to sample as well. Listen to Sena's story and find out how the fish that Jim prepared turned out!


women in food podcast








Have you ever wondered how to buy and cook fish so it's not so "fishy"? This week's episode of Women in Food Podcast with Sena Wheeler of Sena Sea will get into it! Learn all the insider secrets to fish right from the source: a woman who can trace her fishing lineage back (at least) 5 generations. Besides geeking out on all things fish, we talk about how she started and has been growing her business shipping seafood across the US for her community of small-scale Alaskan fishermen. We talk about her lineage as a fisherman's wife, the science of omega-3's, the process of fishing in Alaska and a completely fool-proof Black Cod recipe!


Kids cook real food

Whether you love fish or haven't learned to love it yet, this non-fishy interview all about the fish of the sea is a winner! Do you know what to look for when buying fish? Find out more by listening to this episode of the Healthy Parenting Connector, Kids Enjoy Fish at  Kids Eat Real Food.

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